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Miguel "Mike" Sanchez

Miguel Mike Sanchez

Source: Find-A-Grave

Source: The Toledo Blade

Source: The Toledo Blade

Miguel A. Sanchez in the Ohio, Deaths, 1908-­1932, 1938-­2007

Name:       Miguel A Sanchez

Birth Date:                     1945

Gender:             Male 

Race:             White

Residence Place:    Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States

Death Date:           4 Sep 1970

Hospital of Death:    St Vincent Mercy Med Center

Death Place:           Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Certificate:    077683 

Age at Death:    25

Certifier:   Physician 

Marital Status:    Married 

Census Tract:    0380


Source Citation Certificate: 077683? Volume: 20241

Source Information and Ohio Department of Health. Ohio, Deaths, 1908-­1932, 1938­-2007 [database on­line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2010.

Original data:

Ohio. Division of Vital Statistics. Death Certificates and Index, December 20, 1908­-December 31, 1953. State Archives Series 3094. Ohio Historical Society, Ohio.

Ohio Department of Health. Index to Annual Deaths, 1958­-2002. Ohio Department of Health, State Vital Statistics Unit, Columbus, OH, USA.


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